Sweet Canada Day Treats

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For this Canada Day segment I was looking for a recipe that would be fun to do with the kids…I wanted it to be healthy (of course) and wanted to incorporate some seasonal strawberries.  As summer has just begun here in Nova Scotia, even though it doesn’t feel quite like it yet, I thought a frozen treat may be the perfect solution!  I searched for some frozen pops recipes but found a lot of recipes called for juice (which you know I am not a fan of).  Also, most recipes call for added sugar. I just don’t get it – why do we need to add sweetness to strawberries?  They are perfectly sweet as is!  So my recipe is simply strawberries and vanilla Greek yogurt.  Can’t get easier than this.  And my little girl loved them!  Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

Mini cube pops
Simply put vanilla Greek yogurt in an ice cube tray, with a half of a strawberry.  I stabbed the strawberry with a pick and froze these.  Perfect little pops for your tots!

Strawberry yogurt pops
I first pureed my strawberries and then layered the pureed strawberries and vanilla Greek yogurt in popsicle molds.  Freeze and serve!  These were super yummy!  You could add a splash of lemon or lime to the strawberries for a kick of flavour!

Sweet smoothie
You could also take these frozen treats and blend them to make a smoothie!  You could add some milk or alternative beverage for a bit of liquid. What a perfect summer snack or on-the-go breakfast!


The possibilities of what you can create are endless!  You can get creative with the molds you freeze these recipes in and make it fun for your kiddos. They will love helping you prep these and munching them down too!  These are also great to serve for your Canada Day festivities!


Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!

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