Stress Free School Lunches

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Create Menus Together
Plan together! We know that children who are involved with planning and preparing their lunch are more likely to eat it!  I sit down with my daughter every Sunday and make a plan for the week.  This saves us time, stress throughout the week, and allows me to plan the night before.

Get Organized
Have a shelf in your pantry and fridge dedicated to lunch items.  This makes it easy to grab and go and assemble lunches quickly…it also empowers your child.  You child will be able to choose a lunch item within your options – it is a win-win situation!

Have Fun with Containers 
There are great containers out there that have compartments in them.  These are great to help you think of balance with packing the lunch.  Try to always include some whole grains, protein, fruits and veggies in the lunch.

Pack Lunch with Time Limits in Mind
I was surprised last year to hear how little time my daughter had to eat lunch.  Help out by making portions small, offer variety, and make sure packages are easy to open – you can practice this at home.

Always Have a Back-Up!
I always have lunch meals prepared in the freezer that my daughter loves (lasagna, broccoli soup, pancakes…). I can easily take these, heat them up if I need to, and put into a thermos on those hectic days!

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