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Max arrived on September 12th, 2013 and we were so thrilled with his arrival.  I have to admit, I forgot what life is like with an infant!  Layla will be 6 years old next month, and I seem to have forgotten almost everything about this stage!  How much they do not sleep at times, how fussy they can be…the first 8 weeks were a new learning curve for us.  Now Max is 2 months old and he seems to be coming around.  Sleep schedule is getting more predictable, he is not crying as much, and he is even starting to smile!  Life is good!  I try to get as much sleep as I can; I am nursing Max and need to be the one that is up with him at night.  I am not good at takings naps in the day, so I try to go to bed quite early.  It seems to be working.  Now time to get this weight off!  I gained 60lbs with Mr. Max!  Yikes!  And the weight gain was different this time – seems to have gone everywhere!  I am back at the gym each morning, and hope to get back into my clothes soon!  I am trying to listen to my own advice that I give clients – slow and steady weight loss…however, if I am being honest, I am anxious to get it off.   I know it will come; I just need to have patience (sometimes not a strong point of mine!)
I am going back to CTV Morning Live on Wednesday!  I am excited to go back to the show to see everyone at the station, and to communicate nutrition information to you and deliver some great healthy recipes!
Will keep you updated on my progress, thanks for your emails and words of encouragement!

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