Healthy Eating on Vacation – 5 Tips to Help Keep You on Track

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  1. Whether you are travelling by plane, car, bus…you need to pack some healthy snacks!  There is nothing worse than purchasing snacks at an airport – the price quadruples and the healthy choices are limited.  Pack fruit, veggies, trail mix, and high fibre granola bars to keep you well fueled!
  2. If you are able and have the facilities at your destination – hit a grocery store when you get there and pick up some healthy snacks and simple meals.
  3. Many of us are faced with eating out more than once on vacation.  What to do when you hit the buffet?
    • Remember the healthy plate (1/2 plate veggies, ¼ protein and ¼ grain) and follow it!
    • Look for foods that are baked, grilled or steamed rather than fried – don’t be shy to ask the server for modifications.
    • Choose a smaller plate – this is the best and most effective way to control portions.
  4. Go easy on the drinks!  Liquid calories add up fast!  Be mindful of what you are consuming.  Water is the best choice for hydration – add some lemon, lime, frozen berries or cucumber to boost flavour.
  5. Try to stay active!  It may not be your typical run, perhaps it is a walk to enjoy the scenery where you are vacationing, a hike, or a swim in the ocean…just move your body!

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